Kenny D’Cruz: Personal Development Consultant

For over twenty five years Kenny D’Cruz has been using his personal development, marketing and management skills to transform the lives and businesses of his clients.


As a personal development consultant, Kenny prides himself on achieving quick results rather than tying his clients into long term therapy sessions.


If you want a personal development consultant on whose couch you can lay for an hour every week, then Kenny is definitely not for you. Kenny only consults for people who are serious about making fundamental, sustainable changes in their lives.


Kenny’s known for being insightful, discreet, resourceful, well connected and manifesting measurable results.

Are you ready to transform your life?


Kenny gets results really quickly. He is an absolute joy to work with… his insightfulness is just profound.

Ross Vincent.

Personal Development Workshop

Transform your Life Turn-around

If you’re serious about transforming you life then this is the personal development workshop for you.

This 2-day one-to-one workshop with pre-workshop and post-workshop components is the best way to get quick results.
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He’s a fantastic sounding board, he always seems to ask the right question at the right time… I’m happier than I’ve ever been – the future is bright.

Clive Maxheath

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Business Consulting Testimonials

Personal Development Consulting Testimonials

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Personal Development Groups

In addition to bespoke on-to-one personal development workshops, Kenny also runs several personal development groups in London. There are men only groups, women only groups and mixed groups.

  • Open groups require no commitment – you can turn up when you want.
  • Closed groups require a six week commitment and allow participants to get greater value as they can go deeper in the available time.
Personal Development workshop

Personal Development

Kenny’s sessions are like private personal development workshops that are customised to deal with your particular issues. Fears, anger, purpose, passion, confidence, self-esteem and relationships are just some of the issues you may choose to deal with in your bespoke personal development workshop. The work is outcomes focussed, realising and unlearning everything along your way. Once you’re on track, there’s no turning back.  More…

Business Development

Business Development

Kenny can empower you with many aspects of business development including: setting a clear vision and strategic direction, marketing, research, management, gaining relevant contacts, team building and communication issues.
He is also able to help you identify and clear the personal blocks that may be impacting on your business, as business blocks are often extensions of unresolved personal issues.

Life Purpose Life Passion

Life Purpose / Passion

Have you outgrown your life? Do you feel like you haven’t quite started yet? Not sure what to do next? Having trouble finding your passion or life purpose? Whether it’s time for the next rung on your career ladder, or you’re transitioning out of a high flying professional career into self-employment with a mission, Kenny can help you gain clarity and take purposeful, practical, grounded next steps in turning your dreams into a way of life.

Relationship Development

Relationship Development

If you’re looking to find a loving primary relationship, then Kenny can help you clear the psychological and emotional blocks that may be preventing you from finding what you want.
Kenny can also help you transform relationship challenges into self-awareness and passion. Relationship issues with parents, siblings and other key players in your life can also be explored and put into perspective, with clear communication and appropriate boundaries from which to meet and grow, peacefully and with love.

Wealth Embarrassment
Wealth Embarrassment

Some people find their wealth to be more than a little embarrassing. It may be something that they’ve struggled to come to terms with all their life, or it may be a new issue that needs to be accepted and sensitively managed.
Additionally, some people find that the expectations placed on them, or the mixed messages are a constant burden that restricts their freedom, passion, or even the basic space for them to be who they truly are in their lives. No longer owned by your wealth, you will be free to express yourself authentically with joy.

Mid-Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis

There may come a time in your life when you start questioning whether you’ve travelled down the right road. You may be bored with your job. You’re primary relationships may have grown stale. Your dreams may remain unfulfilled, or worse, you may have achieved them only to find they weren’t satisfying. Is it time to make some changes and take part in the life you were born to live? Do your commitments feel like restrictions? Is it time for a re-evaluation and more space for you? Does it feel like time is suddenly running out? Welcome to your mid-life crisis!

Personal Development Consultant Kenny DCruz

About Kenny D’Cruz: Personal Development Consultant

Kenny has been in the personal development industry of over 25 years. He ran his first personal development group in 1988 and since then has worked in both personal development consulting and business development consulting. He often blends the two in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time. Kenny brings his sharp intuition and sense of humour to everything he does. You’ll find him to be a charming and insightful man who has a knack of leading you to the self-awareness that’ll help you create a more enjoyable and fulfilling life that you can abundantly live forevermore.
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Personal Development Techniques

Kenny blends several personal development techniques with profound insight and acute intuition. He adds a healthy dose of humour and honesty to produce his own powerful personal development techniques that produce efficient, sustainable results. He passes on these simple techniques to keep his client’s lives on track.


As they learn practice following the signs and resisting life’s testing temptations along their pathways, they will be empowered to attract their dreams and turn things around in the moment.

Kenny D'Cruz - Personal Development Consultant

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Personal Development Workshops in London, England, UK and beyond

Kenny is based in London and can meet with you at your home, workplace, or at his rooms in either South Kensington or Camden Town. (Other locations in London and beyond are also available on request). Alternatively, your private personal development workshop can be held via Skype.

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